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Made In Madera

We are a small family owned and operated company
based in Wheat Ridge Colorado, known for our unique line of live edge furniture, incorporated with a rustic yet modern look that is 100% handcrafted here in our shop.

Offering a wide variety of custom hand made Tables and Parota / Guanacaste wood slabs for home, office, restaurant and hotel design projects.

We ensure top quality, and work with our hands (NO heavy machinery or CNC) to create modern wooden furniture collections.

In this way, we aim to create a new style of Mexican style furnishing.

Contact us to inquire about sizes, prices, custom designs And Parota wood slabs for sale.

Shipping in the continental 48 contiguous states in the USA


Here at Made In Madera we start with raw uneven slabs that are then hand worked and sanded to a smooth and level finish.
All our products are made by mother nature herself but are 100% hand worked.
We do not manipulate any crease, crack, knot hole, or void that the slab has to offer, instead, we work around them and fill as much as we can with epoxy resin to keep that natural beauty.
We have a variety of epoxy colors for you to choose from.
We also offer custom hand cut 3/8 tempered glass made to perfectly fit any hole in the live edge slab in lieu of epoxy. beautiful colors like turquoise blue or caribbean green.



When it comes to our live edge furniture we like to drift from the ordinary, our main product, (dining/conference tables, Coffee table, desk, Kitchen Island, Headboards)

consist of the beautiful Parota/Guanacaste tree which is rated as extremely durable wood.

All of our live edge tables and furniture are ONE solid piece and we NEVER glue pieces together to make a whole piece.


Parota  / Guanacaste is a relatively resistant tree, making it common in reforestation projects. Parota / Guanacaste is ranked as a highly sustainable resource, and one of the few imported hard words not listed on the CITES Appendices nor on the IUCN list of threatened species.

Parota / Guanacaste is a fast-growing tree that can reach enormous heights (65’ – 98’ feet) and widths (59”–98” inches) in an incredibly short time. This makes it an ideal tree for reforestation and sourcing long wood slabs in an environmentally responsible way.

From its fast-growing properties Parota / Guanacaste is a highly sustainable harvested species and not listed in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN list of threatened species.

Unique Parota / Guanacaste Wood.

Parota / Guanacaste is particularly desired for its bold, striking wood grain, which resembles Acacia or Koa wood in appearance BUT with more texture and consistent coloring. However, as the Parota / Guanacaste  tree is a much faster growing species, the density is lighter, comparable to a redwood or mahogany. This makes it ideal for large furniture or projects.

Parota / Guanacaste also has a moderately natural lustre, which we naturally highlight with clear water-based polyurethane. This allows us to protect the wood and bring out parota’s intricate grains in a much less damaging way than glossy varnishes.


Add a Custom Table or Door to Your Home or Business.

Custom means every piece we create is an original, designed with your valued input, and built from scratch with the exact wood slab, legs, shape, and epoxy color you desire. There are no limits to what we can build- and what we can build is true custom furniture.

A beautiful table can go a long way in improving the look of your home or business. Instead of getting a mass-produced table from a big-name store, get one built for you at Made in Madera.

Our passion for creating high-quality, custom tables is evident in everything that we do. From the consultation call to the finishing touches on your new tables, we strive to provide our customers with the finest service.


Handmade doors
Handmade doors