Before we get too far into this topic, let’s go over what a live-edge table is. Live-edge refers to the integration of the natural edge of the wood slab into the design of the furniture.

Tables are often the most popular live-edge choice because they easily emphasize the live-edge more than other types of furniture. However, the live-edge concept can be integrated into dressers, bookshelves, or cabinets too.

Made in Madera sells high-end live edge furniture pieces.
 If you are an outdoors type of person, and you want this reflected in your home, this furniture style is what you need. The theme is gaining traction within interior design.

Live-edge tables can go anywhere. Live-edge tables are more than just a functional table, they’re a work of art that should be shown off. That’s why these amazing pieces can fit anywhere and blend in, or stand out, with any decor style. Incorporating a live-edge table in your commercial space is a great way to bring a modern twist to any room you put it in.

They can be Dining tables, Conference tables, Kitchen island, Coffee tables, Desktops, Consoles, Sofa tables, Bed headboards, Vanity Tops


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